BITM Mentorship Program on PHP Laravel

BITM Mentorship Program on PHP Laravel

After successfully complete this program participant will be able to work individually or team wise properly all over the world. Student will be able to practice all the latest technology in thesector

course at a glance

  • Date : 26 Jun - 25 Sep 2022
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 60
  • Total Hours : 480
  • Last Date of Registration : 26 Jun 2022
  • Class Schedule :
    • Sunday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Monday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Tuesday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Wednesday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Thursday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • venue : BASIS Institute of Technology & Management Limited BDBL Bhaban (3rd Floor - East), 12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka -1215.

Price: TK. 60,000
(including VAT & TAX)
Discount Price- 35,000

The main objective of this program is to ready the participant for IT sector job market. This is an absolute professional training. Through this program all of the participant will be able to learn practically how to develop web site & web application step by step. After successfully complete this program participant will be able to work individually or team wise properly all over the world. Student will be able to practice all the latest technology in the sector of web development.

Total 5 day in a week. Each class duration 8 hour (9am to 5pm) and same this way student will be get practice time three month. Day start with Web Design practice.

In this practice time, student will practice HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ECMA-5). Through this technology practice, student will be able to understand the base of web design. After that student will practice JavaScript library JQuery. Through this practice student can understand the JQuery plugin customization.

After that student will practice Bootstrap Framework. Through this practice student will be able to create responsive interface of any web site or web application.
After complete this practice student start practice PHP.

So, from the beginning of the PHP practice we can follow the structured way like Java or C-Sharp. Student start practice PHP according to Object Oriented Programming Concept. This is the standard practice of PHP today. Student practice PHP 8. Student will practice properly step by step syntax of PHP, variable declaration & its data type, operators, statement, and array. In Object Oriented Programming Section student will practice Class, Object, Property, Method, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interface, Abstract Class, Trait, Method Chaining and also other important syntax of OOP.

After complete this practice student start practice Database Server.
In this section student start practice MySQL database server. So, it’s very important to practice properly database server for any web site & web application. Student will be able to practice properly MySQL database server & SQL query.

After complete this practice student start practice Laravel Framework.
So, student will practice the super most popular PHP framework Laravel step by step here. Student practice MVC coding pattern, Laravel framework internal structure, request lifecycle, Laravel Model, Laravel Controller, and Laravel View etc. according to today standard.

After successfully complete all of the practice, student will build an Ecommerce Website step by step through this program. 


Day No

Topics Name



Day One

Introduction to web

How web works

Web history

Internet history

Difference between web, website & webpage.

First website in the world

Web development tools



Day Two

Introduction to HTML

HTML Tag, Element, Attribute.

Create a new HTML project

HTML default structure

HTML Table tag

HTML Table Structure



Day Three

HTML Table Column Merge

HTML Table Row Merge

Create HTML Table Layout

HTML Nested Table Layout

HTML Text Formatting Tag

HTML Link Tag

Create A Static Website




Day Four

HTML list tag

Introduce HTML Input element

All HTML input Element

Create a registration form

Create login form

Introduction to form element

Introduction to GET & POST




Day Five

Introduction to CSS

CSS History

CSS Basic Syntax

CSS Dimension

CSS Basic Layout

CSS Margin 

CSS Padding

CSS Box Sizing

CSS Background



Day Six

Introduction To Grid Layout

Grid layout structure

Grid Layout

CSS Position

Introduction To Media Query

Row Responsive Page



Day Seven

Introduction to bootstrap

Bootstrap grid

Bootstrap menu

Bootstrap carousel

Bootstrap card

Bootstrap modal


Day Eight

Introduction to Template Design

A Company Home Page Design

A Company About Page Design

Day Nine


A Company Service Page Design.

A Company Gallery Page Design 

A Company Contact Page Design



Day Ten

Introduction to PHP

Introduction to PHP server

Install PHP server

Server configuration

Run PHP script

PHP Basic Syntax


Day Eleven

Create a PHP Application

PHP project structure

Introduction to OOP

Day, Object, Property, Method



Day Twelve

Create an PHP project

PHP Binary Operator

PHP Assignment Operator

PHP Conditional Operator

PHP Logical Operator



Day Thirteen

PHP Conditional Statement

PHP Repeated Statement

PHP Array

PHP Array function

PHP Global Array


Day Fourteen

Basic Input & Output

Full Name Project

Series Project


Day Fifteen

Prime number project

Calculator Project

File related method


Day Sixteen

Array sorting

Array sorting method

Data store in file


Day Seventeen



Magic method


Day Eighteen



Abstract Day



Day  Nineteen

Static property

Static method

Sum of series problem


Day  Twenty

String related function

Word character count

Auto password creates


Day  Twenty One

Practical: PHP OOP Project

Written: 50 MCQ

Oral: Based on OOP Project


Day  Twenty Two

Coding indent technique

Naming standard

Standard coding system

Function minimization


Day  Twenty Three

Introduction To Database Server

Introduction to MySQL

MySQL server Table management

SQL Query



Day  Twenty Four

Data Add Form

PHP Database Connection

Database Table Creation

Data insert to the table

Data view To the table


Day  Twenty Five

Data edit form

Data show in edit form

Data update

Data Delete


Day  Twenty Six

Search Form Create

Search Query

Wildcard Operator

Print search Result



Day  Twenty Seven

Introduction JavaScript

JavaScript Syntax

JavaScript Operator

JavaScript Statement

JavaScript Array


Day  Twenty Eight

JavaScript DOM Manipulation

JavaScript Event

JavaScript Basic Input & output

JavaScript Basic Calculator


Day  Twenty Nine

JavaScript CSS

JavaScript Timing Method 

JavaScript Date Time

JavaScript Slider


Day  Thirty

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery basic syntax

jQuery DOM Manipulation

jQuery Form Validation



Day  Thirty One

Introduction to PHP Framework

Framework History

Introduction to MVC


Introduction to Laravel

Laravel Installation

Default Structure


Day  Thirty Two

Laravel Request Lifecycle

Laravel Route Management

Laravel Controller

Laravel Model

Laravel View


Day  Thirty Three

Blade Template Engine

Template Mastering

CSRF Token

Form Submit

Form Data management



Day  Thirty Four

Database in Laravel

MySQL Database Connection

Form Create For Data Insert

Data Insert To Database

Data Show in Table


Day  Thirty Five

Data Edit Form

Data Show in edit Form

Data Update

Data Delete



Day  Thirty Six

Form Validation in Laravel

Validation Day in Laravel

Manage Error

Middleware in Laravel

Middleware create

Middleware Manage



Day  Thirty Seven

Introduction to Admin Panel

Introduction to Jetstream Package

Jetstream  Package Installation

Jetstream Package Customization

Admin Registration

Admin Login



Day  Thirty Eight

Introduction to SDLC

An Ecommerce Project Introduction

Specification for the project

Requirement Collection 

Requirement Specification

Use case diagram

Form & Database  Design



Day  Thirty Nine

Select Front End Theme according to requirement

Laravel Install For Project

Mastering the home page

Mastering category product page

Mastering product detail page


Day  Forty

Mastering Shopping Cart Page

Mastering Checkout Page

Mastering Customer Dashboard Page

Mastering Customer Login/Registration Page


Day  Forty  one

Install Laravel Jetstream Package 

Customize Jetstream AUTH route

Customize Login View

Customer Dashboard View



Day  Forty Two

Add new Category

Manage Category

Add New Brand

Manage Brand


Day Forty Three

Add New Sub Category

Manage Sub Category

Add & Manage Unit


Day Forty Four


Add New Product with multiple image

Show All Product

Edit Product

Update Product

Delete Product



Day Forty Five


Show Product in website home page

Show category with sub category in home page

Show Category Wise Product

Show Brand info

Show Brand wise product

Filter price



Day Forty Six


Product detail page dynamic basic info

Product detail page dynamic product detail info

Admin panel product create category, sub category, brand, unit 

Collect Product info

Update product info




Day Forty Seven


Show Related Product

Introduction to shopping cart in Laravel

Install shopping cart package

Configure shopping cart package

Add & manage product in shopping cart.



Day Forty Eight

Calculate Subtotal Price

Calculate Tax Total Price

Add Shipping module in admin panel

Calculate Shipping Cost


Day Forty Nine


Prepare shopping cart in checkout page

Prepare checkout page

Prepare Shipping info

Submit Customer Order



Day Fifty

Customer login dynamic

Customer Registration dynamic

Customer dashboard dynamic

Customer Order Management

Customer Order Detail



Day Fifty One

Admin panel show all order

Admin panel show individual order detail

Admin panel prepare order invoice

Dynamic invoice data



Day Fifty Two

Introduction to pdf in Laravel

Different PDF package

Install PDF package

Order invoice make PDF

Download & print invoice



Day Fifty  Three

Introduction to order management in admin panel

Prepare delivery vendor info

Add & manage delivery vendor info

Order Edit

Order Update



Day Fifty  Four

Manage Order Status

Order Deletion Status

Order Soft Delete

Order Return Adjust



Day Fifty Five

Admin panel user registration info

Add Registration form

New user registration for admin panel

Edit & update admin user with access label

Delete Admin user



Day Fifty Six

Customer wish list concept

Add product in wish list

Manage product in wish list



Day Fifty Seven

Group product concept

Admin create group product

Admin manage group product

Admin update group product concept



Day Fifty Eight

Website show group product

Group product purchase system

Group product add to cart

Group product order



Day Fifty Nine

Report in PHP

Date wise order report search & print

Customer wise order report search & print

Monthly sales report search & print



Day Sixty

Introduction to API

API in Laravel

Create API for Laravel

SMS gateway integration


BITM Mentorship Program on PHP Laravel BITM Mentorship Program on PHP Laravel 480 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

26th June, 2022

Available Seat

10 / 5

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People who have basic computer knowledge. Who want to learn and build up your career in Development sector.

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