Professional Video Editing

Professional Video Editing

You can make yourself as a Media person as well as TV Channel Video editor.The great satisfaction of a video editor is you can express your thinking and mind to the audience.

course at a glance

  • Date : 12 Sep - 6 Dec 2019
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 24
  • Total Hours : 48
  • Last Date of Registration : 12 Sep 2019
  • Class Schedule :
    • Thursday - 6.00pm - 8.00pm
    • Friday - 6.00pm - 8.00pm
  • venue : UY LAB 31, Mohakhali Commercial Area Colombia Super Market, 4th Floor Wireless Gate Banani, Dhaka-1213. Contact no: 01906600015/ 01915142133

Price: TK. 12,000
(including VAT & TAX)

This training is jointly organized by BITM & UY LAB
Training will be held in UY LAB.

Well video production itself is a fun thing to be involved in. As a student you can make various videos
covering your school and activities. Videos are trending these days and you can make the most out of it.

Even after college if you wish to pursue career in this field you will be ready for it.
You also can make yourself as a Media person as well as TV Channel Video editor. The great satisfaction of a video editor is you can express your thinking and mind to the audience which is impossible to others.

Marketers, photographers, event organizers, realtors, wedding videos, etc.. there are many professions that need videos. So finding job wont be much of a problem. But that also depends on how professionally you think of taking videography career.

P.S if you don’t wanna pursue it professionally, you can still make the best out of it. Travel videos,birthdays, and so on.

Detailed Course Outline: 

Class # 1

Introduction to Video Streaming & Editing



  1. Introduction To Video Editing Industry
  2. Course Overview
  3. Software Overview
  4. Video Source file or links
  5. Video Formats


Class # 2

Starting with Adobe Premiere Pro Working with a project



  1. Getting acquainted with the Workspace
  2. Getting acquainted with the Project window
  3. Importing Clips saving and Opening a project &locating files
  4. Making slow motion video
  5. Creating Flip Video
  6. Creating reverse Video
  7. Hands on Project

Class Assignment –Slow-Mo Video, Flip Video, Reverse Video

Class # 3

Capturing clips & Using Tools



  1. Chroma Video with Ultra key
  2. 8 point tool
  3. Reading Time code from Source video
  4. Key frame
  5. Trimming Clips
  6. Analyzing clip properties and data rate
  7. Tools Hands on Project Video Editing

Class Assignment –Chroma Video, Eight point garbage mate. Using Key frame.

Class # 4

Monitor Window



  1. Timeline Window in detail
  2. Working with clips
  3. Using offline files
  4. Linear Wipe
  5. Working with sequences
  6. Multiple characters
  7. Key frame
  8. Render

Class Assignment – Clone Video

Class # 5

Youtube and Other Broad caster



Class Assignment –Create account, Sub channel.

Class # 6

Transition & Integration with Adobe products Describe resource

  1. Creating a counting leader     


       6. Picture Color

  1. Hide identity
  2. Logo positioning

Class Assignment – juxtaposition

Class # 7

Working with Audio



  1. Working with the Audio mixer window
  2. Applying audio transitions to create Fades and crossfades
  3. Unlinking and editing audio
  4. Panning and Balancing
  5. Audio gain channels in an audio clip
  6. Treating a mono audio clip as stereo clip
  7. Audio DB changes in the Audio mixer window& Audition & Timeline
  8. Applying audio effects Reverb, Gain, Delay,
  9. Reducing noise Denoiser.

Class Assignment – Balancing audio with Effects.

Class # 8

Apply the color correction effects



  1. Video color grading
  2. Introduction with Lumetric
  3. 3 way color correction
  4. Color balance
  5. Color grading
  6. RGB Curve
  7. Color Matte
  8. Video color Grade.

Class Assignment – Video with color correction and Color Grading by Matte, Video, 3Way & RGB.

Class # 9

Creating Titles



  1. Working with Adobe title designers
  2. Creating a graphic image in Adobe Title Designer
  3. Rolling tiles and crawling tiles
  4. 3D Title
  5. Default still
  6. Title with lighting effects
  7. Title with transaction
  8. Hands on project

Class Assignment – Title Crawl, Role, and 3D.

Class # 10

Superimposing and Compositing



  1. Clipping mask in Logo
  2. Changing Opacity
  3. Creating a split screen
  4. Clipping mask in shape & Text
  5. Using Matte keys
  6. Adding a background matte

Class Assignment –Split screen, Clipping mask

Class # 11

Animating Clips, Applying special Effects & Exporting o Animating clips



  1. Key frame and Bezier Key frame Interpolation
  2. Applying Effects
  3. Exporting Video & Still Image
  4. 2Danimtion
  5. Hands on project

Class Assignment – Facebook Cover Video, 2D animtion

Class # 12

Marketplace Work



       1.Script writing

  1. script for broadcast media
  2. script for social media

Class Assignment – Writing script

Class # 13




Adobe Premiere Pro final exam

Class # 14

Introduction about After Effect



  1. Course Overview
  2. What is After Effects
  3. Interface of After Effects
  4. Exploring the Tools
  5. Setting Up Your Preferences
  6. Different Kind of Video Files
  7. Import and Organize Footage
  8. Composition and Layers
  9. Using Layers
  10. Using Key frames
  11. Talking About Effects

Class # 15

Animation and Parameters



  1. Using Solids Animation
  2. Using Key frame Animation with motion path
  3. Using Graph Editor

Class Assignment –Animation with solid shape.

Class # 16

Working With Adjustment, Mask & Layer



  1. Track mattes and Traveling mattes
  2. Layer management color
  3. Pre compose
  4. About Masks
  5. Create & Editing Mask
  6. Layer Switches
  7. Layer style
  8. Layer Blending Mode

Class Assignment – Logo Intro

Class # 17

Working With Null, Motion Sketch, Shape & Text Layer



  1. Working with a null object
  2. Create Motion Sketch
  3. Parenting an object
  4. Adding a shape layer
  5. Creating custom shapes
  6. Animating Text
  7. About text layers

Class Assignment – Text animation

Class # 18

Music visualizers and Audio Animation



Class Assignment –Audio Visualization, Cartoon with Audio Animation

Class # 19

Trace and Puppet Tools, Animating Layers



  1. Animating brush stroke,Auto Trace
  2. About the Puppet tools
  3. Adding Deform pins
  4. Adjusting the layers and creating a track matte
  5. Transition Effects
  6. Effect control panel
  7. Path animation

Class Assignment – Transition Effect Animation


Class # 20

Building 3D Object



  1. Building a 3D Object
  2. Using Camera Tools
  3. Using 3D Lights

Class Assignment – 3D Model

Class # 21

Green Screen & Rotoscoping



  1. Key light(Green Screen)
  2. Using motion stabilization
  3. Rotoscope

Class Assignment – Short Story using rotoscope and key light

Class # 22

Tutorial Video



  1. Video Scribe
  2. Fast Stone

Class Assignment–Tutorial Video.

Class # 23

Advance Editing with Tracking



  1. Using Single point and Multipoint Tracking
  2. Using 3d Camera Tracking
  3. Rendering and Outputting

Class Assignment – Tracking Video

Class # 24




Adobe After Effect final exam.



Module Professional Video Editing 48 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

12th September, 2019

Available Seat

10 / 24

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Having the basic idea about computer system.

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