Web App Development with Laravel & Vue

Web App Development with Laravel & Vue

This course is specially designed to update technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of Web Developer (PHP track) occupations of the Job sector.

course at a glance

  • Date : 10 May - 2 Jul 2020
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 24
  • Total Hours : 72
  • Last Date of Registration : 9 May 2020
  • Class Schedule :
    • Sunday - 6:00 PM - 9:00PM
    • Tuesday - 6:00 PM - 9:00PM
    • Thursday - 6:00 PM - 9:00PM
  • venue : PencilBox Training Institute, EDB Trade Centre, 5th Floor, 93 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215

Price: TK. 16,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)
Early Bird Registration Going on Valid Until 28th February, 2020 Taka @13000/=

This training is jointly organized by BITM & Pencilbox Training & Consultancy, A Training wing of bitBirds Solutions.

Training will be held in Pencilbox Training & Consultancy Premises.

Course Outline Description:

 Understanding server-side technology.
 PHP history.
 PHP development environment.
 PHP Basic Syntax.
 PHP Variable & Data Type.
 PHP Operator
 PHP Statement

 PHP Array
 PHP Function
 Popular String related Function.
 Popular Array related Function.
 Understanding the concept of OOP
 Introduce to Class
 Introduce to Property
 Introduce to Method.

 Introduce to Object
 Understanding the concept of Encapsulation.
 Understanding the concept of Inheritance.
 Understanding the concept of Trait.
 Understanding the concept of Interface.
 Understanding the concept of Abstract Class.
 Introduce to the magic method.

 Understanding the concept of Namespace.
 Introduce to Composer.
 Introduce to Autoload.
 PHP superglobal Array.
 Basic input & output.

 Basic Structure of Procedural PHP Project.
 Class Task complete with Object-oriented PHP 

 Introduce to Database Server.
 Introduce to MySQL Database Server.
 Create the database, a table inside the Database Server.
 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL).
 Perform action through SQL inside Database Server.
 Introduction to CRUD operation.
 Data Save into the database server.
 Data Retrieve form the Database Server.

 Data edit & update.
 Data Delete.
 Understand the Session
 Understand the Login Concept.
 Create a secure Login Panel.

 Understanding the concept of a framework.
 History of the PHP framework.
 Popular PHP framework.
 Introduce to MVC
 Why Laravel.           
 Laravel installation. 
 Project folder structure.
 Route Introduction & Route Naming.
 Request Lifecycle.
 Resource view route.

 Data Passing process without the controller.
 Artisan command & Create Controller Class.
 Data Passing process with the controller.
 Introduce to App Service Provider Class.
 GET & POST Request.
 Introduce to Blade Template Engine.
 Introduce to directive Blade Template Engine.
 Laravel Blade Templating.
 Template Mastering.

 Introduce to Auth Class.
 Install Auth Class
 User registration
 User Login
 Introduce to Migration, Schema, and Blueprint.
 Create a migration file.
 Prepare migration file for creating tables.

 Introduce to Quire builder & Eloquent ORM in Laravel.
 Create Model Class with migration file.
 Data insert in the database through Quire builder & Eloquent ORM.
 Data Retrieve from database through Query Builder & Eloquent ORM.
 Data Edit & Update through Eloquent ORM & Query Builder.
 Data Delete through Eloquent ORM & Query Builder.

Day-13 (Project Work - Blog Site):
 Discuss about SDLC.
 Database Configuration.
 Add Admin Panel
 Admin Panel Customization

 Create Table in Database
 Introduce to Factory, Faker & Seeding.
 Generate Dummy Data using Laravel factory
 Database relationships: One to one, One to many

 Install Vue Router
 How to use Vue Component
 Create component with Vue Routing.

 Laravel and Vue Js Mix Routing
 Category List Page Design with Vue.
 Add Category page design using Vue component.
 Validate form and save data using axios

 V-form with ajax request
 How to add sweet alert
 How to setup vuex in laravel project
 Category list display using vuex

 Install Moment Js with Vue Filter
 Delete Category using Laravel Vue Js
 Edit Category using Laravel Vue Js
 Delete category using checkbox

 Category List Update
 Post List Design
 Display post list using laravel vuex
 Display post filter using laravel vuex

 Add new post design
 How to add mark down editor
 How to save post
 How to add image intervention

 How to delete post with image
 How to edit post
 How to update post
 How to use middleware

 How to use vue component in home page
 Frontend vue routing
 How to load sidebar and display post

 How to display single post using vue router
 How to display category with latest post
 How to display category with post

 How to implement real time search
 Real time search using debounce function
 Problem finding and solving




Course Module 72 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

10th May, 2020

Available Seat

10 / 20

who can join

Intermediate Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript(ECMA-5).

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