Certified Training on: Mastering Microsoft Excel-Basic to Advance

Certified Training on: Mastering Microsoft Excel-Basic to Advance

Learn basic to advanced Microsoft Excel skills in this course.

course at a glance

  • Date : 3 Dec - 11 Jan 2024
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 18
  • Total Hours : 54
  • Last Date of Registration : 2 Dec 2023
  • Class Schedule :
    • Sunday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Tuesday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Thursday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • venue : R.I Tower (4th Floor), 23/A M M Ali Road, Golpahar Circle, Mehedibag, Chittagong.

Price: TK. 8,500
(including VAT & TAX)
Discount Admission is going on for 1st batch BDT: 5,500

Course Outline:

Jumpstart with MS Excel
Introduction to MS Excel .Concept Spreadsheet, Worksheet & Workbook. Tell the name of its
workspace. Navigate with name box. Number of row & Column.
Customize the ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar. Make a new ribbon. Change its settings.
How Excel Works?
File management related command
Excel Major Data Type
Excel Formula & Functions
Formula anatomy of Excel.
Assignment operator,
arithmetic operator,
variable, constant
Create formula to calculate value. Manual addition & average.
Functions importance over formula in Excel
Understanding Functions components(Arguments, single, array)
Most Popular functions(Sum, Average, max, min, count)
Cell Reference in Formula
Cell Referencing of Excel
Relative Reference
Absolute Reference
Mixed Reference
Use absolute reference & Mixed Reference
Editing & Proofing
Enter and revise data
Auto Fill & Fill Series
Manage data by using Flash Fill
Find and replace data
Spelling, Grammar & Thesaurus
Changing Worksheet appearance
Format cells & use format painter
Define styles
Make numbers easier to read
Change the appearance of data based on its value
Add images to worksheets
Managing Large workbook
Printing your preferred data
Organize sheets inside a single workbook
Move & Copy data inside a workbook
Protect sheets & Workbook

Working With Multiple
Worksheets & Workbooks

Reference Cells and Groups of Cells across Worksheets
Link Cells to External Worksheets
Consolidate Data across Worksheets
Use Magical 3D Formula
Create Data Subset using Excel Tables
Why Excel table is useful?
Get the benefits from Total row
Sorting & Filtering feature of Excel table
Removing Duplicates in a data table
Create Formula based on Condition
Understanding Excel If function
Know Logical test, True Condition & False condition
Create a new condition-based formula using existing one.
Use nested IF functions
Enhance your IF functions using AND() & OR() functions
More Conditional functions
Understanding SUMIF & COUNTIF
Lookup & Reference functions
Create hyperlink in Excel
The Basic Lookup
Advanced Lookups
Information Functions
Visualizing Your Data
Data Bars
Color Scales
Icon Sets

Formula Auditing & find errors in formula
Display Relationships between Cells and Formulas with the Trace Command
Watch Cells and Formulas from the Watch Tool
Difference between IF Error & Is error functions
Automating Workbook Functionality
Create and Manage Validation Rules
Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
Record Macros to Automate Tasks
Worksheet Collaboration
Preparing Your Workbook
Distributing Your Workbook
Adding Comments
Tracking Changes
Sharing Your Workbook
Data analysis using PivotTables & Slicers
Building Pivot Tables
Fine-Tuning Pivot Table Calculations
Filtering a Pivot Table
Pivot Charts
Using Slicers
Forecasting your Data
Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios
Solve for Desired Outputs with the Goal Seek
Feature Forecast Data Trend


Certified Training on: Mastering Microsoft Excel-Basic to Advance Certified Training on: Mastering Microsoft Excel-Basic to Advance 54 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

3rd December, 2023

Available Seat

10 / 20

who can join

Anyone new to Microsoft Office or upgrading from a previous version Anyone looking to improve their productivity by mastering Microsoft Excel

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