Creative 3D Max Real Model with V-Ray

Creative 3D Max Real Model with V-Ray

In this course you will learn through hands-on training and demonstration how to utilize the different tools and features available in Autodesk 3DS Max and Vray.

course at a glance

  • Date : 13 Oct - 9 Feb 2019
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 20
  • Total Hours : 60
  • Last Date of Registration : 11 Oct 2018
  • Class Schedule :
    • Saturday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Friday - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • venue : Good Luck Center, 151/7, Panthapath Signal, Green Road, 7th Floor, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

Price: TK. 16,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

This Training is jointly organized by BITM & PeopleNTech

Training will be held in PeopleNTech

Course Outline:

Introduction to 3DS Max Modeling, Lighting, Rendering






Introduction to 3DS Max Modeling, Lighting, Rendering
Learning the Basics of 3DS Max

·         Idea about –




Modeling –Architectural, Product, Character

Animation- Architectural, Product, Character

Lighting –Default, Mental ray, V-ray

Rendering-Single view Rendering, Batch Rendering



·         Basic Ideas on –

·         Workspace Setting

·         Importing Assets, Material, Textures

·         Rendering Images and Videos

·         Discuss on what we will be Learning in the 3DS Max course and how

·         Viewports Concepts, Navigation Concepts

Learning to Use the Tools of 3DS Max




·         3DS Max Installation and Activation

·         How to use Command Panels (Create, Modify, Hierarchy, Motion, Displays, Utilities)

·         How to use Modifiers

·         How to support modifier using segments

·         How to use clone command, Navigation Shortcut, Selection and Transforming  Objects




·         Designing Classroom and Library Cloning Object

·         Modifying Objects-

·         Modifiers

·         Use of Compound Objects

·         Basic Light-Understanding the nature of lights, Shadow

·         Setting up the default renderer

·         Creating  Shapes, modifying shape-Building 3D from shapes

·         Use of snap and grid

·         Axis and Coordinating System

·         Light types and shadow parameter

·         3Ds Max Environment




Texture, Material and Mapping




Normal Mapping

Bump Mapping

Spline Mapping

Using Multi-sub Material



·         Low poly Modelling and applying texture and material





Editable poly, Editable spline.

Editable poly mapping method



·         Creating Night and Day and indoor light




Using Environment light, Using Light tracer



·         Camera




Setting up cameras

Camera Shot types

Camera parameters



·         Linking Objects







·         Animation




Knowing about Motion


Camera animation

Light Animation

Basic Object Animation

Basic Character Animation



·         Multi-sub Material




UVW Mapping

Unwarp UVW



·         Rendering a Video




Single View Rendering

Multi view rendering

Rendering time output and Size



·         Use of array to arrange Objects

·         Hierarchy and pivot

·         Extrude Along Spline








·         Vray Installation and Activation

·         Basic Vray Workflow




Basic Scene

Basic HDRI Setting


Fake Caustic, Basic Caustic

Shadow Type

Vray Basic Light

Irradiance Samples

Global Samples

Direct Computation



Camera Setting



·         Vray Material



Diffuse Color

Reflect Map

Reflect Phong, Blinn, Ward

Reflect Color

Refract Color, Glossiness, Subdivision, Interpolation




·         Material Option, Translucent

·         Vray Environment Map

·         Define Snap on frozen objects

·         Working with Layers




Freezing Layers

Hide/Show Layers

Creating New Layer

Shifting Objects from one layer to another layer



·         Importing plan, Assets and model in 3DS Max

·         Creating Model from 2D Plan

·         Architectural Exterior Modelling Technics





Extrusion from spline

Modifying spline

Connect Vertexes

Weld connection

Cloning Objects

Use of Array 

Use of Fillet and Arc



·         Setting up vray Primary Renderar




Lock the viewport



·         Vray Material and Texture




Vray Glass

Vray SS Material

Vray Water

Vray Plastic Material

Reflection on Glass



·         Vray Exterior Lighting




Vray Sun

Use of direct light to create Sun light

Vray Environment



·         Vray Exterior Final Render Setup

·         Vray Camera Setup

·         Final Exterior Rendering

·         Interior

·         Setting up Unit

·         Importing plan



·         Modelling with poly modelling technics




Poly Door Modelling

Window Modelling

Sofa Modelling

Cabinet Modelling

Bed Modelling

Utensils Modelling



·         Importing Assets in the scene

·         Creating Texture and Material

·         Importing Texture and Material

·         Assigning Texture and Material

·         Scaling Assets

·         Modifying objects

·         Picking Material from Assets

·         Re-Assigning Material

·         Exporting Assets

·         Saving file with Asset’s textures

·         Using Vray light

·         TEXTURING




Rules of applying textures

Uvw mapping

Texturing Concrete

Texturing wood

Texturing cloth



·         Lighting Setting




Main principles of setting the lights

Vray sun+ Vray sky

Vray Sun settings

Day lighting

Night Settings


Three types of lights





Module Creative 3D Max Real Model with V-Ray 60 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

13th October, 2018

Available Seat

10 / 15

who can join

Having the idea of basic Graphic Design anyone can attend

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