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Md. Abu Reza Al Mamun
Md. Abu Reza Al Mamun

Career Summary:

 Developed Projects using CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Drupal frameworks
 Developed Mobile applications using JQuery Mobile and Google Android
 Developed Custom PHP programming and Custom framework programming
 Developed Ecommerce projects using WP e-commerce and Woocommerce
 Developed Web applications and websites using Wordpress, Joomla and Magento
 Developed School Management, Client Management and Project Management system
 Developed many interactive and animated front pages using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
 Developed multiple software for Multi Level Marketing management
 Developed many custom solutions designing Database and Programming logics
 Worked as a Team Leader of Research and Development Team for A2i projects.
 Worked as a Team Leader of a research team under NASA Accelerator Program
 Worked as a Project Manager and Sales Manager to communicate with many Overseas