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Jasim Uddin Rasel
Jasim Uddin Rasel

Jasim Uddin is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) and has a professional background in business tax services. Currently he is providing tax services for various multination organizations which include representation clients before the tax authorities in assessing corporate tax, appeal support as well as business tax advisory services.

His areas of expertise include ensure that clients make the best business decisions in the light of fiscal changes and developments. Monitor and anticipate changes to tax legislation and respond quickly with specific advice to the clients for their commercial requirements. He also supports in calculating tax liability, ensuring compliances speedily and efficiently, and submitting tax returns and associated documents by the appropriate deadlines.

He was a faculty on Taxation in CA Certificate Level under ICAB and attended in various seminars and workshops in Bangladesh and abroad.

He also writes especially about tax and current business affairs on national daily newspapers, monthly journals and online newspapers on a regular basis. Besides, he also manages personal blog where he is publishing technical and complex tax issues on a weekly basis.