Online Training on Professional UI/UX Design

Online Training on Professional UI/UX Design

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Apps Developer, UI Designer

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  • Date : 16 Feb - 27 Mar 2022
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 12
  • Total Hours : 36
  • Last Date of Registration : 15 Feb 2022
  • Class Schedule :
    • Sunday - 8:00 PM - 11.00 PM
    • Wednesday - 8:00 PM - 11.00 PM
  • venue : Online Platform

Price: TK. 3,450
(including VAT & TAX)

This training is jointly organized by BITM & UY Lab

After complete (UI/UX) training you will be able to

Product Research: This course will help you to create any kind of product research like, Mobile App, Software, System Modular, Website, Application. And the research paper will maintain ISO standard.
  1. Customer Interview & Interaction: You’ll learn how to arrange customer interview session and interaction process. It might be included by Persona, FGD and others methodology.
  2. Data Research: This course will help you to learn data collect policy and data storage and user/customer recommendation.
  3. Project Solution & Design Solution: You’ll learn how to find project solution and design method. In this segment Card Sorting, Sketch, Report Submission Included.
  4. Sketch to Wireframe: This course will help you to learn how to make wireframe from sketch.
  5. Interaction Design & Visual Design: To ensuring design interaction you need to learn dimension of Interaction Design. This course will ensure Interaction Design policy and methodology.
  6. Prototype: After Completing the Visual Design you need to make it prototype. We’ll help you to learn how to make prototype

Course Module:

User Experience Design & User Interface Design

Total Hour: 36 hrs. (12 Class)

Session 01: 

Introduction of User Experience Design & User Interface Design Basics. 

  1. UI/UX Design Process
  2. UI/UX Design Industry 
  3. Basic Requirement of UI/UX Design Course 
  4. Logistics of UI/UX Course.
  5. Start the Project (Project Picking, Problem Sharing) 

Session 02: 

Problems Effects Finding & Live Work for Project

  1. Effects Findings 
  2. Card Sorting 
  3. Taxonomy 
  4. Report Work

Session 03: 

Project Work: Cause Validation & Findings 

  1. Cause Validation 
  2. Cause Findings 
  3. Taxonomy 
  4. Report Work

Session 04: 

Interview Session: How to conduct interview and additional requirement. 

  1. What is Interview
  2. Importance of Interview
  3. Fundamentals of Interview 
  4. Persona
  5. FGD
  6. Question Pattern & Question Creation.
  7. Data Collect & Reporting System

Session 05: 

Report Evaluate & Solution 

  1. Report Evaluate 
  2. Solution Finding
  3. Develop a System
  4. Information Architecture

Session 06: 

System Flowchart & Sketch  

  1. Systems/Product Sketch

Session 07: 

Project Work: Paper Prototype Creation & Paper Prototype Style. 

  1. What is paper prototype
  2. Paper prototype guidelines 
  3. Make minimum 3 page paper prototype 
  4. Paper prototype submission

Session 08: 

Sketch to Wireframe: Follow the sketch and make Wireframe.

  1. What is Wireframe
  2. Wireframe guidelines 
  3. Importance of Wireframe 
  4. How to create Wireframe
  5. Coverage software for Wireframe

Session 09: 

Visual Design Basics & Adobe XD Details

  1. What is Visual Design
  2. Importance of Visual Design
  3. Visual Design: Targeted Software
  4. Preparation of Visual Design
  5. Dimension of Visual Design
  6. Adobe XD

Session 10: 

Visual Design Advance & Presentation 

  1. Visual Design Dimension: Icon, Color, Text, Shape, Gradient
  2. Screen Size & Dimension 
  3. Visual Design Presentation 
  4. Visual Design Mockup 
  5. File format & Additional

Session 11: 

Product Software Prototype 

  1. What is product prototype
  2. Targeted software for prototype 
  3. How to make product prototype
  4. Prototype Guidelines 
  5. Make product (Project) Prototype

Session 12: 

Final Project Submission & Assessment 

    1. Submit Research Paper
    2. Submit Interface Design with Prototype Presentation 
  • Assessment 



Course Module User Experience & Interface Design 36 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

16th February, 2022

Available Seat

10 / 24

who can join

Make sure you know Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Basics.

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