Online Course: UI/UX Design

Online Course: UI/UX Design

This course UX & UI Design is designed, who wants to design anything to keep users on supreme priority and working on to make them happy.

course at a glance

  • Date : 20 Nov - 8 Jan 2022
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 14
  • Total Hours : 40
  • Last Date of Registration : 19 Nov 2021
  • Class Schedule :
    • Saturday - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Friday - 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • venue : Online (Google meet/Zoom)

Price: TK. 5,500
(Excluding VAT & TAX)
Group Admission( 4 persons) Discount 10% (+15% VAT)

  •  Getting Started with UX and UI
  •  Foundation of UX
  •  Understanding People in Order to Improve Our Design
  •  Planning Ahead
  •  Visual Elements
  •  Modern Styles
  •  Mobile UX Design Trends
  •  UX Discovery, Assessment & Planning
  •  Wireframing to Prototyping
  •  Design Tools
  •  Adobe Photoshop Basics
  •  Adobe illustrator Basics
  •  UI Design in Adobe illustrator/Photoshop
  •  Live Prototype on your device using adobe XD
  •  User interface design of an app
  •  Testing your Design
  •  Theory & Practical Exam
  •  Project submission


Online Course: UI/UX Design 40 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

20th November, 2021

Available Seat

10 / 12

who can join

Who should attend and why?  

This course UX & UI Design is designed for those people, who wants to design anything to keep users on first priority and working on to make them happy.

Students: We have included different  online marketplaces in this course module so that after successfully completion, our trainee can work both at online and offline platform. 

Non-tech People: You don’t need to be a coder, In this case you should decide the right one and UX is all about diction making.  

Developers. You created your own app, but every time someone downloads it, they struggle to use it. And if your users are telling you this, then you know it’s really bad. 

Graphic and UI designers. UX is about the most natural skillset you can add to your career. Tons of employers need it – and are willing to give you a nice 5-figure salary bump if you can do it. Learning UX is a clear win. 

Entrepreneurs: You’re already burning the candle at both ends to make your app a reality, but you know that if users find it frustrating and confusing, it won’t matter how many hours you put into it. 

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