Certificate Course on Software Testing & Quality Assurance using Selenium

Certificate Course on Software Testing & Quality Assurance using Selenium

This course provides a practical understanding of testing overall, with a focus on test automation using a simple IDE with no programming requirements.

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  • Date : 28 Feb - 19 Jun 2020
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 17
  • Total Hours : 50
  • Last Date of Registration : 26 Feb 2020
  • Class Schedule :
    • Friday - 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • venue : Rupayan Trade Center ; 16th (Space-1), 114, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Bangla Motor, Dhaka 1000. (At Bangla Motor Roundabout).

Price: TK. 14,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

This training is jointly organized by BITM & Leads Training & Consulting Ltd

Training will be held in Leads Training & Consulting Ltd.

One of  the  most  popular open-source automation tools used by website application development companies today. Use the Selenium IDE to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy automated test scripts and suites in software projects using common development approaches such as Agile, iterative/spiral and standard waterfall lifecycles. Understand the software testing process in terms of standard practices such as test planning, design, and execution as well as types of test activities based on software testing state-of-the- practice and industry best practices used in today’s software projects. This includes how to support and integrate test automation through the phases of software projects.


Course Outline


1. Introduction to Selenium


Selenium IDE

2. Install Selenium IDE and FireBug.

3.Introduction to Selenium IDE

4.Creating your First Selenium IDE script

5.How to use Locators in Selenium IDE

6.How to enhance a script using Selenium IDE

Web Driver

It will be beneficial if you revisit Java , before start on Webdriver

7.Introduction to WebDriver & Comparison with Selenium RC

8.Guide to install Selenium WebDriver

9.Creating your First Script in Webdriver

10.Accessing Forms in Webdriver

11.Accessing Links & Tables using Selenium Webdriver 12.Keyboard Mouse Events , Uploading Files – Webdriver


How TestNG makes Selenium tests easier


13.Introduction to Selenium Grid

14.Parameterization using XML and DataProviders: Selenium

15.Cross Browser Testing using Selenium

16.All About Excel in Selenium: POI & JXL

17.Creating Keyword & Hybrid Frameworks with Selenium

18.Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium: Ultimate Guide

19.PDF , Emails and Screenshot of Test Reports in Selenium

20.Using Contains, Sibling, Ancestor to Find Element in Selenium

21.Selenium Core Extensions

22.Sessions, Parallel run and Dependency in Selenium

23.Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium

24.Log4j and LogExpert with Selenium

25.Selenium with HTMLUnit Driver & PhantomJS

26.Database Testing using Selenium: Step by Step Guide

27.Test Case Priority in TestNG

28.TestNG: Execute multiple test suites

29.Handling Cookies in Selenium WebDriver

30.Alert & Popup handling in Selenium

31.XPath in Selenium: Complete Guide

32.Handling Ajax call in Selenium Webdriver

33.Listeners and their use in Selenium WebDriver 

34.Firefox Profile - Selenium WebDriver

35.Breakpoints and Startpoints in Selenium



Programming Fundamentals or equivalent experience Prerequisite 50 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

28th February, 2020

Available Seat

10 / 15

who can join

Programming Fundamentals or equivalent experience.

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