Professional Training on Cyber Security & Forensics

Professional Training on Cyber Security & Forensics

Today, the obligation of strong cyber-security measures is self-evident. A large number of cyber-attacks are causing escalating damage to companies, governments, and individuals.

course at a glance

  • Date : 18 Nov - 13 Jan 2018
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 10
  • Total Hours : 40
  • Last Date of Registration : 18 Nov 2017
  • Class Schedule :
    • Saturday - 2.00PM - 6.00PM
  • venue : Rupayan Trade Center16th (Space-1) & 17th Floor,114, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Bangla Motors, Dhaka 1000.(At Bangla Motor Roundabout)

Price: TK. 10,000

This training is jointly organized by BITM & Leads Training & Consulting Ltd

Training will be held in Leads Training & Consulting Ltd

We live in a networked world. Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends, paying bills, operating a city’s energy grid, or strengthening national security, it happens on line. The need to secure our networks has never been greater. The number of cyber-attacks is increasing dramatically and there aren’t enough people with the skills needed to ensure our security online. This course develops the knowledge and skills needed to master the core concepts in cyber security. Students come away with a solid foundation for building a career in cyber security or just strengthening their own home network.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Cyber Crime, Security & Forensic
  2. Face book,Twitter,LinkedIn & Email Security Techniques
  3. Open Source Inteligence (OSINT)
  4. Footprinting and Reconnaissance Techniques
  5. Scanning and Enumeration Techniques
  6. Networking, IP Address, OSI Layer
  7. Google Hacking Techniques(Google Dork)
  8. Social Engineering Manipulation
  9. Malware Threats Analysis
  10. Web Application Hacking with SQL Injection
  11. Data Hiding and Forensic Techniques
  12. Computer Forensic with FTK
  13. Dos & DDos Attack
  14. Wireless, Mobile Device Hacking and App Security
  15. Cloud Computing & Cryptography
  16. Cyber Crime Law in Bangladesh
  17. Introduction to Kali Linux,Tools, Attack & Countermeasure



Cyber Security & Forensics Professional Training on Cyber Security & Forensics 40 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

18th November, 2017

Available Seat

10 / 20

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Basic Understanding of the Computers and the Internet

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