Professional Web Design & Development

Professional Web Design & Development

This course is very useful to all web programming guys to get everything in a one platform to make them professional on their career line with latest version of  Bootstrap 4, WordPress and Laravel.

course at a glance

  • Date : 27 Sep - 21 Feb 2019
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 42
  • Total Hours : 126
  • Last Date of Registration : 26 Sep 2018
  • Class Schedule :
    • Saturday - 6.00 PM - 8.30 PM
    • Monday - 6.00 PM - 8.30 PM
    • Wednesday - 6.00 PM - 8.30 PM
  • venue : US Software Ltd 69/B Monowara Plaza (2nd Floor) Panthopoth, Dhaka-1205

Price: TK. 20,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)
EarlyBird Registration Offer Going on Valid Until 20th September, 2018 Taka @ 18000

 This training is jointly organized by BITM and US Software Limited.

Training will be held in US Software Limited.

Course Outline






Starting Your First Web Page

HTML Tags, Attributes & Elements, Comments,

Page Title, Headings, Paragraphs, Hyperlinks, Lists, Images, Tables, etc.

Head, Body, Section, Div, Header & Footer


Form Making



Types of Style Sheets, CSS Selectors, Properties & Values, Pixels, Percentages, Points & Em

ID $ Class Selectors, Backgrounds, Colors, Text Styling & Formatting

The Box Model, Borders, Margins, Paddings, Outlines

Block & Inline Elements, Float & Clear, CSS Positioning, Text Effects

Layers, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements, Media Types, Layouts

Javascript & Jquery


About JavaScript, Syntax, Enabling,  Variables, Operators, Strings, Arrays,  If…Else, Switch Case, Loop, Loop Control.


Functions & Form Validation

About jQuery, Syntax, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing,  CSS, Events, Effects.


Making  jQuery Scroll top with animation.

Bootstrap 4


Bootstrap Basic Template

Grid system, Typography,  Tables, Forms, Buttons.

Bootstrap Navs, Navbar, Scrollspy,  modal, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Labels, Badges, Alerts

Bootstrap Display, Flex, Float, Shadow, sizing, spacing, vertical Align

Making Own Template For Wordpress

Making Own Template For Laravel



Introduction to PHP,

Syntax, Variables , Comments, Types of Operator,  if – else  statement,

Switch in php, Loops in php,

nested for loop


String &Arrays in php,

Functions in php,

Date and time in php, Constants, Global,  Super Globals


Creating html Forms & Validating form data

Session & Cookies

Email Sending

SQL Database


Introduction to Database, PHPMyAdmin

Creating a Database & Tables.


CRUD system Queries.

CRUD System with PHP

Relational Database Queries & Database Join.



What are classes and objects & how to define them, how to make properties and methods.


Magic Methods, Object Inheritance

Starting a mini OOP Student Info System

OOP Student Info System Project

OOP Student Info System Project

Wordpress (Bloging)


Installing WordPress, Installing Themes, Modifying a Theme

PSD Blog Template Selection  and Setting Up a WordPress Site

Splitting the Page into Templates,  Creating a Page for Single Posts, Creating Pages, Customizing the Nav Menu

Customizing the Sidebar, Adding a Contact Form, Uploading a WordPress Site

Project Error Solve


Redux Framework

Project Error Solve


Redux Framework

Laravel (E-Commerce)


Laravel Installation & Architectural Concepts


Ecommerce Template Selection

Project Template Mastering by using Blade with View, Routes, Controller

Form Handling


Database Relation by using migrations, Seedings

CRUD with Eloquent ORM & Querry Builder

CRUD with Eloquent ORM & Querry Builder

Authentication Middleware

Security Mail and Caching
API Authentication, Encryption, Hashing, RESTful Resource Controllers, Mail, Password reset using mail, Caching, Remember password

Error & Project work

Error & Project work

Presentation and live server upload

Portfolio Making & Project Error Solve


Portfolio Making and upload all projects

Portfolio Making and upload all projects



Training Professional Web Design & Development, All in One (Project Base Learning) 63 Hrs

Tentative Class Start

27th September, 2018

Available Seat

10 / 20

who can join

Basic Knowledge of Computer and Microsoft office.

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